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Brand Endorsements after India's Historic T20 World Cup Victory: A Game-Changer for Cricket - In Bulletin

 On June 29, India celebrated a historic occasion as Team India won the T20 World Cup trophy, ending a 17-year-long wait. This triumph not only reignited the nation's passion for cricket but also set the stage for a significant boost in the brand value of Indian cricketers. The victory serve to transform the endorsement landscape, making Indian cricketers even more connected by brands.

India's T20 World Cup win boosts cricketers brand value by 40%, opening new endorsement opportunities for stars Cricketing stars. - In Bulletin

The Impact on Brand Value

"Team India's brand value will go up by 30 to 40 percent and for a long time, this team and its heroics are going to be the talk of the town," said Ajimon Francis, managing director of Brand Finance India. The GroupM ESP report supports this, showing cricket's dominance in India's sports endorsement market, holding an 87 percent share in 2023.

This win is not just a cricketing milestone but a economic goldmine. Aviral Jain, managing director at Kroll Valuation Advisory Services, noted, "The triumph is likely to boost the marketability and brand portfolios of the overall playing XI and especially top performers."

Key Players and Their Growing Influence

Cricket in India is huge with significant brand endorsement deals. Last year we saw 536 deals involving sports celebrities, with nearly 380 linked to cricket players. The endorsement value in cricket reached Rs 810 crore, reflecting a 27 percent annual growth. The recent victory is expected to further elevate these numbers.

N Chandramouli, CEO of TRA Research, highlighted standout performances, stating, "It's a specially big win for many players, especially Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Axar Patel, and Suryakumar Yadav." These players are expected to see a substantial increase in their brand value.

Lloyd Mathias, a business strategist, predicted a surge in endorsement fees for key players like Bumrah, Pandya, and Yadav. "Their brand value too will skyrocket," he said, emphasizing that the average endorsement value could double due to increased demand.

The Role of Retirement and New Opportunities

The retirement of legends Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli from T20 has opened up new opportunities. Despite their retirement, both are expected to remain popular choices for endorsements. "Their brand values will soar further because they will have more time for commercial collaborations," said Abhishek Sharma, founder and CEO of Athletes Today.

Harish Bijoor, CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, pointed out that the move to shorter formats has made cricket more exciting and marketable. The rise of T20 specialists and younger players like Shubman Gill, K L Rahul, and Rishabh Pant offers fresh faces for brands to expand.

Building a Lasting Legacy

The legacy of retired players like MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, who continue to attract endorsements, sets a precedent for Kohli and Sharma. "True sporting legends enjoy enduring popularity and attract brand endorsements beyond their playing days," said Jain.

Industry experts believe the current T20 World Cup victory will lead to a double-digit percentage increase in cricketers' brand portfolios. With the festive season approaching, advertising spending is expected to rise, making cricketers an even more popular choice for brands.

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India's T20 World Cup victory is more than a sporting achievement; it is a historical moment that will redefine the brand endorsement landscape for Indian cricketers. With increased visibility, marketability, and fan engagement, the Men in Blue are set to dominate not only on the field but also in the world of brand endorsements.

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