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Water level of India dropped by 79%, only 21% left in reservoirs: CWC report - In Bulletin

 Amidst the scorching heat that has been going on in the country for the last few weeks, the storage level of 150 major reservoirs has continuously declined and it has come down to 21 percent of the total storage capacity. This information has been given in the report of the Central Water Commission of India (CWC). The combined storage capacity of these reservoirs, important for hydropower projects and water supply, is 178.784 billion cubic meters (BCM), which is about 69.35 percent of the total storage capacity created in the country.

Total Reservoir Capacity in India: 178.784 billion cubic meters.

Available Reservoir Capacity in India: 37.662 billion cubic meters.

Decline percentage of Reservoir Capacity in India: 79%.

North India19.6635.48872.00%
South India53.3348.50884.00%
East India20.4303.87381.00%
West India37.1307.60889.51%
*In Billion Cubic Meters (BCM).

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